Friday, January 21, 2011

I've been a HORRIBLE blogger recently....

Let me start by saying that life has been CRAZY recently full of ups and downs. The holidays were, let me say, CRAZY, and quite the whirlwind.

Jim and I completed our first 10K on Thanksgiving morning, the Turkey Trot. Let me start by saying that it was FREEZING outside, and it rained/sleeted the entire time. Jim's cousin, Jackie, joined us for the race and totally rocked here. Jim finished in like 52 minutes, Jackie finished in 62 minutes and I finished in 64 minutes after a long break to puke three time from overheating but here are a few pictures:



finished/crossing the finish line:

Christmas was amazing. We went to Christmas Eve Service together as a family, and then Jim and I put Madison to bed and stayed up drinking wine and wrapping her presents. I am hoping this will be a fun tradition to continue for us. Christmas day we spent the moring as a family and had breakfast and then my family came to visit. We had an awesome day. I cooked almsot the whole meal by myself. I decided next year I am making a lasgna ahead of time so I can spend time with my family.

opening presents

with PopPop

with Nonna

The day after Christmas we celebrated with Jim's family and had a really nice time.
opening more presents:

annual christmas shot and some other fun ones

Jim and I had a really nice NYE, my mom and dad took Madison for the night. We went to a party with friends, had a DD and slept in until 10am. I can't even tell you that last time I did that. We celebrated my birthday on the 10th, went the farm show and had a great time.

Madison is growing so quickly everyday. She is starting to string 2-3 words together, is hit or miss with sleeping, but is just a joy to be around everyday, that is of course if she's napped. LOL.

Until next time,


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